Gaze the Perks of Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Reference Laboratory. Industry Leader!

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite is a national reference laboratory offering illimitable results in the medical field, regarded as the best medical laboratory in Atlanta for three consecutive years for our outstanding services. We believe patient care directly pertains to laboratory results. Hence, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO has been focusing on maintaining the precision of lab testing from day one. Our team of seasoned individuals, packed with decades of experience, dedicates themselves to provide the most accurate and reliable results in a timely manner. We strive to improve the quality and quantity of services while implementing an automation process that focuses strictly on uplifting the patient’s health.

  • With our accurate and reliable laboratory results, you can mitigate the risk related to the medication of injured workers.
  • We have a proprietary panel to help physicians attune the medication of polypharmacy patients, mitigating the risk of adverse drug events aka ADRs.
  • Our driving force is quality services and thus we help our clients obtain the most insightful results to make a perfect decision to cure the ailment.
  • Precise medication is a must for mothers and new-borns as they are always at a high risk of health implications.


Our Commitment

We’re an award-winning and national reference research laboratory that you can count on. Having a team of seasoned healthcare experts, our services are strongly focused on customers. For us, the patient’s safety and health are the primary goals, which is why we leverage efficient and simplified processes to maintain the precision of lab results. Whether you’re a private practitioner, large organizations, small group, we can assist you to remain abreast of advanced medical care solutions.

EMR Integration

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite connects with provider’s existing EMRs. We believe that patient’s health care is affected largely by laboratory results. Therefore, we’re your committed partner to provide you lab reports within a minimum timeframe. In order to evade the inaccuracy in the lab testing process, Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite’s CEO constantly encourages his workforce to adapt to frequent changes in prescription tendencies. Result! Today we’re offering more than 100+ drugs and metabolites.

Introducing Genotyping Technology

The trouble that healthcare professionals and patients are facing is testing for COVID-19. Henceforth, we’re introducing genotyping technology that will allow healthcare professionals to take a unique approach to SARs-CoV-2 RNA testing. This can easily detect whether the patient is positive for common respiratory diseases or SARS-CoV-2. LifeBrite is also allowing faster turnaround times for SARS-CoV-2 as the number of cases are increasing.

Chronic Care Management

Precise medication reconciliation can save thousands of lives each year. LifeBrite’s pharmacogenomic approach sheds light on valuable drug selection guidance. An improper medication prescription could bring serious health implications to patients. Therefore, our incessant striving is for assisting providers in determining the right dosage for a patient at the right time to evade the risk of health complications.

Respiratory Pathogen Testing

We have a newly launched respiratory panel that allows a healthcare professional to test respiratory pathogens. It has a comprehensive list of 21 viral and bacterial respiratory pathogen testing options for common respiratory infection testing. Healthcare organizations now can seamlessly diagnose patients to facilitate better patient management with the help of this comprehensive respiratory testing feature.