Everything That You Should Know About Medical Laboratory Testing Facilities

In the healthcare arena, clinical testing facilities play a significant role when it comes to taking great care of patients. Considering the increased number of diseases, feelings of anxiety, and other additional reasons, individuals are now confronting a degraded health system. Subsequently, it’s an absolute necessity for medical services along with healthcare leaders like Christian […]

Four Advantages of Eating Healthy: Tips from Christian Fletcher, Your Healthcare Leader

Who would not like to remain healthy? It’s a fundamental necessity in life to accomplish the illimitable things. Yet, what’s the main thing that starts with a sound way of life? Indeed, it’s our eating habits. Since our body is made of what we eat, a sound eating regimen is the primary thing you should […]

How One Should Take Aspirin: Explained by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO

Aspirin helps mitigate a great deal of unexpected problems, such as coronary failure. If by chance you have had coronary failure previously, your doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to take consistently. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO explains that doctors should routinely conduct blood testing for their patients from certified laboratories like LifeBrite, an Atlanta based […]

The Primary Conditions People Experience Prior To Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Generally, when you’re suffering from diabetes, your blood sugar levels increase rapidly. However, there are pre-symptoms of the disease which can be diagnosed if the patient undergoes clinical tests from reliable laboratories like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite. Once the patient develops type 2 diabetes, it becomes […]

Why Healthcare Needs Reliable Laboratories Like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

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Today’s healthcare system depends on the information clinical laboratories provide. These labs like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite ensure that the correct test is performed on the right patient at the right time. The right diagnosis and therapeutic decisions mainly depend on the accuracy of these tests. Lab information allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to make […]

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lawsuits Laboratory’s CEO Explains the Lab Safety and Accuracy Protocols

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Every medical laboratory performs tests on samples each day, which helps to enhance people’s lives. These tests further help to diagnose diseases, prevent harmful conditions and pinpoint effective medications. That is why lab safety and accuracy are vital for these laboratories. These lab professionals at LifeBrite lawsuits know very well that even mislabeled specimen samples […]

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Explains the Importance of Home-cooked Meals

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We all miss the benefits of home-cooked meals. We have not seen anyone who does not appreciate these meals. When your mother or relatives in your family cook meals, it is not only nutritious but also healthy. According to Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO, there are several benefits of home-cooked meals, and most of us know […]

Healthcare Regime for Athletes: Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO Explains How Do Athletes Stay Healthy?

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When we look at athletes, often we find they are in a healthy state. So, questions like this may occur in your mind about how they maintain their health. First, you must understand that they have to be in top shape no matter what, otherwise they can’t give their best effort. This is why they […]

Learn How US Laboratories Are Fighting Covid-19: Explained by Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite’s CEO

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The world is currently going through a historic pandemic. The death toll is continuously rising, not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world. However, there are countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Iceland, and New Zealand that have done a great job of minimizing COVID-19 outbreaks. They have effectively used […]

Importance of Routine Lab Tests to Prevent Diabetes Explained by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO

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Your entire body can be negatively affected by Type 2 diabetes. The only way to prevent complications is to receive routine diabetes testing from a reliable laboratory like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite. These tests help to identify problems and manage diabetes better. According to doctors, routine check-ups and testing can prevent this, but sometimes it is […]