LifeBrite Lawsuit is a pioneer in the field of medical diagnostics and is the most renowned healthcare company in the U.S., delivering unsurpassed healthcare services to its patients. Their laboratories are well-resourced and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced testing methodologies designed to deliver highly accurate testing results. With an extremely seasoned team of medical professionals, LifeBrite has excelled in the provision of excellent diagnostic facilities and imperative healthcare solutions. The accomplishments and progress of LifeBrite can be attributed to Christian Fletcher, founder and CEO of the company, who himself monitors the everyday activities and ensures all operations are running smoothly. He is entirely devoted to helping all their patients receive the best healthcare services, and he is driven by the vision of making modern diagnostics available to patients regardless of their social standing. He strongly believes that in modern society, superior healthcare solutions should be easily attainable to everyone and should no longer be deemed as a luxury. He started LifeBrite with the mission of providing value-based healthcare and has been successful in doing so. 

Why you should choose LifeBrite Labs for your testing needs?

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite has a highly qualified support team and some of the most skilled technologists and physicians in the healthcare industry. Their highly competent personnel has decades of experience in the field of medical science and clinical laboratory services. They work tirelessly to implement cost-effective medication monitoring services for the comfort of the patients and healthcare providers.

  • LifeBrite’s team of knowledgeable physicians and healthcare professionals are devoted to delivering healthcare services of unsurpassed quality for uplifting patient health and ensuring their speedy recovery. Their top priority is to maintain maximum care of their patients, and to deliver services that reduce hospitalization rates so that underprivileged patients can also attain high-quality healthcare with ease.
  • LifeBrite Laboratories offers classified and extremely meticulous diagnostic test results for individuals, healthcare professionals and companies while maintaining complete confidentiality. The medical laboratory professionals ensure that all testing is conducted carefully by conforming to the highest level of sanitation procedures and proper lab safety measures.
  • LifeBrite Lawsuit offers testing options for more than a hundred drug compounds. They ensure that the reporting time is not more than 48 hours from specimen receipt. They also provide access to all the relevant details about the patient through seamless integrations with provider’s EMR system. Their advanced information management system helps to improve the billing cycle and is more convenient for their clients.
  • They have won many service-based awards, including that of the Best Laboratory in Atlanta, for their ethical services and imperative treatment plans. With the full utilization of digital technologies, they have excelled in the provision of quality diagnostic procedures and healthcare solutions. For many years now, they have provided impeccable services in the fields of pain management, OB/GYN, addiction treatment and recovery, medication reconciliation and many others.


Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite delivers rapid and scrupulous medical testing services to its patients. Some of the modern diagnostic tests conducted by them include toxicology testing, blood sugar testing, thyroid testing, lipid panel testing, general chemistry testing, molecular pathogen testing and several others. In addition to their testing services, they also offer many imperative healthcare programs such as annual health screenings, cancer screenings, STI screenings and others to help patients combat lifestyle-related disorders.They have also introduced a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program to provide high-quality treatment to patients suffering from COPD and other lung ailments.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the entire nation, and many healthcare organizations are failing to survive during these uncertain times. LifeBrite has been working with expert medical professionals to deliver the most rapid and precise COVID-19 testing services, and continues to abide by the protocols necessary to combat this deadly virus. They have introduced an extensive and methodical approach called Genotyping Technology to attain the highest level of accuracy in COVID-19 testing.

LifeBrite has proven that it is fully committed to building a robust lab-based testing menu with the implementation of highly comprehensive strategies to combat Covid-19.  LifeBrite is not just a medical diagnostic provider; rather it is a multifaceted healthcare company that also manages the operation of hospitals, nursing homes, institutional pharmacies, health clinics and retirement homes.  LifeBrite has served the community for many years and will keep working toward the vision of transforming the healthcare industry.

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