Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories Delivers Fast & Accurate Testing Results

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories Delivers Fast & Accurate Testing Results

LifeBrite Laboratories has its clients covered from every aspect of the medical spectrum. This clinical laboratory company was founded by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite.

If healthcare professionals want to verify the current medical condition of their patients, they can seek the benefits of LifeBrite’s wide range of toxicology, chemistry, and genetic testing services. LifeBrite has designed the team to deliver fast and accurate medical results. LifeBrite assures continuous delivery of exact and easy-to-read reports along with vital medical points to improve patient outcomes.

As CEO of LifeBrite Laboratories, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite is accountable to supervise the vital functions that his healthcare company performs.

As Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Labs realized long ago, patient care can be made better if applied information gleaned from the exact medication test report, is used appropriately. 

In order to prepare reports with utmost accuracy of proteins, glucose levels, and vitamin existence in the human body, Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories implemented numerous metabolic, hepatic and renal function panels.

About LifeBrite Laboratories

Christian Fletcher is the founder of LifeBrite Labs, located in Atlanta, Georgia. This national clinical reference laboratory has award-winning operations that have supported medical providers in ensuring better patient outcomes. The types of services provided at this healthcare facility include molecular pathology testing, blood-chemistry testing, oral fluid testing, and toxicology services, among others. 

The medical information ascertained from testing becomes life-changing for the sufferer. The magnitude of this life-saving imitative is unexplainable and this national clinical reference laboratory is ecstatic to play an active role in it. 

Ahead of discussing its recent nobilities, let us discuss the reason behind its success. Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratory is completely client focused. Also, it aims to deliver fast and accurate medication results to an examined patient within twenty-four to forty-eight hours upon receipt. The staff that delivers easy-to-read test reports are available to detail the follow-up needs for the patients with their providers. 

This national clinical laboratory’s wide range of healthcare specialist it serves consists of pain management physicians, primary care doctors, drug addiction recovery facilities, gynecology providers, and other general practitioners. 

On-time, accurate testing has enabled this clinical laboratory to become the “best medical laboratory in Atlanta” in 2016 and 2017. This healthcare facility has even received recognition from the ‘Pacesetter Awards’ in 2018 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Also, this accredited laboratory has received the ‘Laboratory Excellence Award’ in COLA’s fall 2015 edition, for its excellent laboratory performance and services.

LifeBrite Labs’ CEO understands the need to provide the utmost medical services to their patients. This accredited laboratory is continuously adapting to the latest technology under his supervision. Also, LifeBrite is at the forefront of innovation, in which clients can completely trust, for the highest quality services. 

In short, Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories can be defined as an “excellent healthcare provider” that considers the client’s wellbeing first, and their financial gains second.

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