Future of Healthcare by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

Future of Healthcare by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

The CEO of LifeBrite Labs, Christian Fletcher, believes in value based care. In an interview, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite stated, “We must continue to be motivated to perform quality services that keep patients well, as opposed to empowering high service volumes. Also, patients surely should realize how much a service will cost them”. 

The Birth of LifeBrite

Christian Fletcher operates as the CEO of LifeBrite Hospital Group and LifeBrite Laboratories. Christian founded LifeBrite Hospital Group out of a worry that rural hospitals in America are becoming extinct.

The critical condition of rural hospitals touched Fletcher deeply. When a critical access hospital closes, it leaves small town people to drive 1-3 hours to get the basic care they require. About 1 in every 5 Americans live in rural communities, which are highly dependent on their community hospitals to treat every kind of health condition. 

Christian’s profound sympathy with elderly people started in his initial years when he worked as a volunteer in his hometown of Alabama.

During this time, he came very close by an Alzheimer’s patient when they just “clicked” with one another. “He had an enormous effect on me,” commented Christian. “This man thought I was either his child or his grandson, and he anticipated my visits and lit up when I strolled in the entryway.” 

What’s does the future have in store for Christian Fletcher?

Christian Fletcher has lived in Atlanta since 2014. He has made a strong connection with a neighborhood church there to construct another facility, including church and youth center.

This facility and its projects for youth are something other than profound outlets – they instruct courses going from STEM to business enterprise. “It’s a full range of youth life,” says Christian. “We imagine it turning into a central point of impact – church-related things as well as important fundamental abilities, for example, mentoring, work aptitudes, and continue building, games, and magnanimity. This will be where the youth want to go.”

It’s a “come as you are” kind of program: no specific clothing requirements, no cash required – a genuine changing power in the network.

Back in Atlanta, Christian has been associated with groups looking to empower the youth. Says Christian, “I’m very energetic about aiding those without equivalent chances. Opportunities a significant number of us had growing up aren’t given to everybody. I’ve generally worked profoundly – from my heart, and not for honors.”

Needless to say, Christian is a living example of how dedication, determination, and empathy has brought profound changes in the communities around him. 


Today, LifeBrite Laboratories by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite, is a national reference laboratory, offering a remarkable and particular way to deal with lab testing.

They understand and believe patient healthcare is directly influenced by lab testing, which is the reason they are focused on giving the most accurate and actionable results within 24-48 hours from sample receipt.

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