How Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab Can Help Healthcare Professionals Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab Can Help Healthcare Professionals Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Corvid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to its knees. Developed and underdeveloped nations are all struggling to cope with the issues being presented. Some nations are experiencing a rising number of cases each passing day. In an exceptional situation like this, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite, the national reference laboratory is a beacon of hope.

As Coronavirus made its way through America, it also damaged the healthcare system drastically, which is of crucial importance in a time like this. Many hospitals are facing severe cash crunches as their main source of income, elective procedures, had to be canceled.

One of the biggest drags in the quarterly US GDP figures was in healthcare spending. As a result, many institutions had to lay off staff. One way to normalize the situation would be to make the treatments affordable. Christian Fletcher believes that “premiums for patients continue to rise, yet providers are rarely the recipients of those increases and somehow patient’s out-of-pocket expenses are simultaneously increasing as well.” 

The Significance of LifeBrite Lab During this Time

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite laboratory plays a crucial role in the healthcare system. He is the CEO of LifeBrite, a multi-faceted healthcare group based in Atlanta.

As an intrepid operator and investor of the business, Christian Fletcher stresses the importance of vertical integration. In layman’s terms, it can be defined as a patient-centric approach. Fletcher also believes that building multiple streams of revenue to overcome financial constraints helps companies remain viable.  

Fletcher LifeBrite laboratories helps conduct timely checkups that are crucial in preventing or diagnosing various diseases. The latest methods and technologies are used to ensure that each patient gets the care and attention they deserve. Take a look at the list of tests conducted at LifeBrite Lawsuit:

  •  Toxicology

As the name suggests, it helps determine the toxins present in the patient’s body. This is especially crucial in treating patients battling addiction.

  • Molecular Pathology

Genetic testing is vital in diagnosing life-threatening conditions like genetic predisposition to certain cancer, allergies to certain medicines, genetic conditions etc. LifeBrite Laboratories gives you access to some of the latest technologies in the game.

  • Blood Chemistry Testing

There are many laboratories that do different types of testing, but they are not all accurate. LifeBrite’s testing ensures reliable and accurate results every time.

Along with the laboratories, LifeBrite also offers primary care, addiction clinic, OB/GYN, medical reconciliation, pain management services, and much more. All are crucial parts of the healthcare system that deserve attention and recognition.

A massive win for the Christian Fletcher Lab Atlanta LifeBrite team has come in the form of the South Georgia Hospital’s acquisition. The hospital will now be able to efficiently support 25 critical patients along with 100 nursing home patients. Together we will be able to overcome the pandemic situation.

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