The Story of LifeBrite by Christian Fletcher

The Story of LifeBrite by Christian Fletcher

LifeBrite Laboratories is an accredited clinical reference laboratory based in Atlanta, GA.

It has been named “Best Medical Laboratory in Atlanta” for four consecutive years (2016-2019). It provides various testing services, including blood chemistry testing, toxicology, and molecular pathology (genetic testing).

In addition to delivering quality results, they are working with healthcare professionals to improve the health of patients and implement cost-effective medication monitoring solutions for their customers.

This laboratory serves healthcare organizations throughout the United States of America.

Whether you are practicing pain management, primary care, substance abuse recovery or OB/GYN, they can provide you with the necessary information needed for the diagnosis and treatment of your patient population. A distinct advantage this lab provides is a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and highly responsive customer service representatives.

Atlanta-based LifeBrite, led by CEO Christian Fletcher, operates LifeBrite Laboratories, LifeBrite Community Hospital of Stokes and LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early.

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He started his first business, a marketing firm, as a college freshman. Eventually growing and selling it, and turning his attention to other investments. He tried his hand in different smaller companies before eventually turning his attention to healthcare. Thus, LifeBrite started.

LifeBrite stands out for several reasons. First is their continuous evolution and integration. Instead of being characterized as a single “rural hospital” or “medical laboratory company”, LifeBrite has evolved into a healthcare ecosystem, creating new standards in the healthcare field. Fletcher’s most ‘’impactful’’ moment was when one of the employees of LifeBrite Stokes thanked him for saving her job after the bankruptcy filing by LifeBrite’s predecessors.

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