Gaze the Transformational Step Towards Patient Care Taken by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO

Laboratory testing is the first step towards a patient’s care. Blood chemistry, toxicology, and molecular pathology testing are often the first step to commencing the diagnostic process.

Unfortunately, the healthcare system is spending more money to treat patients with adverse drug reactions than making quality laboratory tests feasible for everyone.

When you’re diagnosed on the basis of an inaccurate lab report, there oftentimes are dire side effects. 

Saddening truth, isn’t it?

Therefore, being closely associated with patients, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO, could not resist establishing quality protocols for patient’s basic healthcare needs. That’s how LifeBrite was founded. It is driven by the goal of “value-based care”.

This article pertains to the reasons quality laboratory testing is important and how LifeBrite is making it feasible for the common patient.

Why Is It Important to Have Quality Laboratory Testing?

The diagnosis of a patient is most often based on laboratory reports of some sort. Therefore, in order to provide the best treatment, laboratory testing must be precise.

The concern is, in today’s healthcare field, “value” for patients is often neglected. People are too engrossed in increasing profit margins rather than providing value for patients.

Very few labs like LifeBrite are dedicated to providing patient-centered service.

As the demand for specialists, primary care physicians, pain management providers, accurate diagnoses and treatment plans are incessantly growing, LifeBrite’s “value-based” services have become that much more essential.

Quality laboratory reports help you with the following:

  • Assistance with effective diagnosis
  • Limiting adverse drug reactions
  • Providing accurate details about a patient’s overall health
  • Assisting patients to keep long-term health by diagnosing diseases at an early stage.

How Does LifeBrite Help in Quality Laboratory Testing?

The specialty of LifeBrite lies in quality laboratory testing. They maintain precision with each of the reports to provide accurate diagnosis and fast recovery. Let’s take a look at how LifeBrite Lab Atlanta helps you in this process.

  • Molecular Pathology Testing

Molecular pathology testing is the ability to identify sensitivities, mutations, predispositions to assist patients with the proper diagnosis. All of the testing equipment is integrated with cutting-edge technology which ensures quality outcomes. 

With highly trained physicians and staff, reports provided by LifeBrite consists of trustworthy data that providers need to commence the diagnosis process.

  • Toxicology Testing

Toxicology testing is used to detect the number of drugs present in one’s system. It is typically done in two forms, urine and oral fluid.

If you want to ensure workplace safety, accurate toxicology testing is preferred. 

  • Blood Chemistry Testing

Blood chemistry testing detects chemistry levels in a patient’s system. Physicians often prescribe routine blood tests to detect potential diseases at an early stage. 

In addition, these precise routine blood tests also help monitor chronic diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. 


Over the years of providing value-based care, LifeBrite has become physicians “one-stop-shop” for all their laboratory needs. 

And why not? It becomes tedious for physicians or practitioners to contact multiple laboratories to conduct multiple tests simultaneously. 

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO and healthcare leader believes in providing patient-centered services to patients. Since inception, the LifeBrite team has been assisting physicians diagnose their patients effective and efficiently.

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