Why Healthcare Needs Reliable Laboratories Like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

Christian Fletcher Lifebrite

Today’s healthcare system depends on the information clinical laboratories provide. These labs like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite ensure that the correct test is performed on the right patient at the right time. The right diagnosis and therapeutic decisions mainly depend on the accuracy of these tests.

Lab information allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to make appropriate diagnostic or treatment decisions. These lab tests are cost-effective and make a direct impact on many aspects of patient treatment that includes patient safety, length of stay, resource utilization and many others.

With changes in the current environment and diseases spreading globally, this drives the need for rapid testing and diagnosis. New technological improvements cope with the huge demand on the health system.

Overall, you can say the healthcare system can’t operate without reliable lab results, accuracy and effectiveness of these results largely benefit the healthcare industry. You may not see the lab professionals, but they are an integral part of this system and responsible for the evolution of the healthcare industry.

The quality of work and reliability is dependent on these professionals. They are responsible for performing tests accurately using modern technology. According to Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite’s CEO, this technology helps them in a big way and decreases the chances of human error while they analyze samples. There are now algorithmic testing models that assist in rapid assessment of the severity of the disease, creation of a treatment plan, monitoring treatment outcomes and identification of disease. The efficiency of lab testing protocols shortens the length of inpatient stay or outpatient encounters. The faster the process can be implemented, the lower the overall cost of care becomes.

While monitoring patients, there are times when treatment protocols need sudden changes when the availability of accurate, reliable, and timely lab reporting and testing comes into play. Some examples of lab professional’s ability to be the primary enabler of treatment efficacy are:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of nutritional treatment
  • Ensuring patients take medication in the proper dose
  • Monitoring the effects of therapeutic drugs on the patient
  • Investigating the cause of infection
  • Determining effective antibiotic therapy
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of cancer therapy
  • Provide real-time decision-making support to the physician and other health care professionals

Clinical labs like Christian Fletcher LifeBrite provides information to physicians from start to finish for any treatment protocol. This allows the patient to be treated at the most accurate level of care within an appropriate period. Without the information, treatment decisions would be compromised, or it can lead to the wrong treatment methods.

Most importantly, patient safety comes with the reliability of these results. Wrong tests or reports can lead to life-threatening situations. That is one of the main reasons clinical labs are a vital component of the healthcare system, without it, the healthcare system can’t operate at all. Consistency and accuracy of these lab tests is a must. Otherwise, patient-related treatment outcomes will be compromised, which is why healthcare needs reliable laboratories.

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